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2018 Real Estate Forecast


Yesterday, members of our team had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Bend Chamber 2018 Real Estate Forecast Breakfast where we were treated to great presenters and panelists, all experts in their field. The information provided gave our team a better understanding of the local, state and national market trends and expectations, which will help them better serve their clients. The information was presented through talks, panels, charts, graphs, and hand-outs.



As we listened and learned, a common theme started to emerge… Bend is growing and there isn’t enough single-family housing.

The relocation trend was cited as one of the many reasons Bend is continuing to grow, presenting many challenges and opportunities for our local real estate market. The demand for housing continues to rise as builders struggle to keep up. Panelist, Geoff Harris, Regional Director for Hayden Homes cited the lack of qualified work-force following the recession, which forced many people out of the industry, as well as land acquisition challenges as a few of the reasons new-construction is not being built as quickly as it could be.

Molly Brundage Total Property ResourcesThis lack of supply results in low inventory and competitive offers, often pushing buyers to either be more flexible or look in other areas of Central Oregon, such as Redmond, Prineville, Sisters or Sunriver. Total’s Principal Broker, Molly Brundage describes this as saying, “First-time buyers are competing with people looking for second homes and investment property. First-time and investment buyers often are shopping at the same price point, but investors are well-capitalized”, she said.

For those looking for the “right time” to participate in real estate transactions, the data indicates this is a great time for sellers as additional inventory is needed and the average time on the market is low. However, it’s not all bad news for buyers either. There is a lot of opportunity in Central Oregon areas outside of Bend, such as Redmond, Sisters, Prineville, and Sunriver, to name a few.


The overall message of the day was mostly very positive, focusing on the indicators that Central Oregon will continue to see steady growth in real estate and jobs that will fuel our housing market and the local economy.


View the presentation from Dr. Paul Bishop, Vice President of Research for the National Association of Realtors®

View the Central Oregon Association of Realtors 2017 Report

Click on photo to see entire report


Takeaways from our team:


Mary Carlton Bend Oregon Real Estate“My take away from yesterday was Dr. Bishop stating that 20% of economic growth comes from Real Estate. He also said that this last quarter real estate sales were down due to low inventory. These are things we know but I just didn’t connect it in the way he stated it. “- Mary Carlton, Broker




“This is the first time I was able to attend this breakfast.  I would encourage everyone to attend next year if possible.  It was very interesting, with a good variety of speakers (Molly included!). “- Janis Alexander, President & CEO















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